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I am welcoming you to The S factor, a virtual place that reflects my vision about style, about being a woman, about life and the world. This is my sanctuary, the place where I will pour my soul, mind and creativity to create and share something genuine that will hopefully resonate and inspire you, just like I am being inspired every single day by the people in my life.

No matter the season, the trending colour or my mood, when asked what is my favourite colour I will always say emerald green. I felt in love with this emerald perfection of a dress from POEMA thanks to its subtlety and it fascinates me how it is mature, feminine and playful all at the same time. Because I like a look with a twist, I paired this dress with fishnet tights, adding just the perfect amount of edginess and mystery to the look.


I could not have chosen a better day to launch the new concept of the blog than the Women’s day, so I want to take this opportunity to wish all the warm-hearted ladies out there a happy women’s day and to remind you that you should celebrate yourself every single day.

  • Say thank you and appreciate every part of your body, your legs for taking you places, your soft hands for the way they caress the skin of your loved ones, your eyes for the mesmerizing way in which they see the world.
  • Never cease to learn new things, challenge your mind and express yourself.
  • Feed your soul with poetry, art, time for yourself and for your passions.

It might not always be easy, but try to remember that the person you should never let down is yourself, so don’t ever let a day pass without doing something for yourself, without saying a kind word to a dear one or even to a stranger, without opening up your heart.

Lady, you are the best you’ve got, an exquisite miracle in a woman’s body, an unstoppable force and a gentle spirit, an innocent feminine mouth with some fierce naughty eyes.

I can only hope that you will carry yourself proud and untamed as a mountain, that you will flow freely like a river, and stay warm and raddiant as the Sun in June.

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POEMA dress

ZARA trenchcoat



TRIUMPH fishnets tights/ MANGO earings/ SEVDA bracelet

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Many thanks to Luiza, a talented photographer from Bucharest, for being such a positive, fun and productive person and for overcoming our little challenges with an open mind and creativity!

*Don’t forget to check more of her work here:

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Thank you for being wonderful, brave, for loving yourself and for being part of my life!flowerssignature


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