the ultimate sanctuary for the warm-hearted lady

The S Factor is the ultimate sanctuary for the warm-hearted lady with  a misterious parisian vibe, a book in her très chic bag, a kick ass style and a crave for adventure.

My name is Silvana Bunea, I like my dreams great, my life epic and my man smart.

My soul resonates with art and fashion is one of the arts I love the most. It is the one which allows me to get creative, to be my own canvas and sometimes it’s also a way to survive the reality of every-day life by reinventing myself.

But pst, here’s a secret, there is something I love more than fashion. I love people more, meeting and laughing with enthusiastic, inspiring people. Discovering the world is one of the things I enjoy terribly.

You see, you and I have a lot in common, we have a lot of questions, and even more answers. We like to chase dreams and flirt with life. Everyday we discover more and more beautiful things. We strongly believe that people are more than meets the eye, but our hearts skip some beats when we see a beautiful gown. We see the life with a pragmatic vision, yet we promise ourselves to never settle for anything less than our unique story.

You and I, we are defined by something undefinable, always recreating our world and searching for the extraordinary.

Lady, you just found the place where you will grow, get inspired, nurture your sense of style, learn how to accept your sensuality and escape into mesmerising places.

I am glad to meet you!



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